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Hungarian Dating Culture

Hungarian Dating Culture

October 9, 2019

Hungary is an amazing country in central Europe that is surrounded by many mountains. There you can find wonderful singles that are looking for someone who will make them happy. The appearance of people is very diverse. You can both blondes and brunettes with all eye colors. There are chances even to find a girl of Irish traits. Dating in Hungarian culture is almost the same as in most European cultures. Still there some tips and interesting facts that you should know about Hungarian women before dating.

Hungarian Dating Customs And Tips

Dating a girl is already a difficult task and in Hungary, it is no less complicated. You can meet singles in parks, cafes, nightclubs, malls and some public events. However, it is not recommended to approach them on the streets as they are heading somewhere with their businesses thinking about some problems. It should be a safe and comfortable place where everyone does not think about their daily routine. Then you may confidently start the conversation. Do not afraid of them. They are friendly to new people and it will not be a problem to get a phone number after talking. After that, there are some things that you should know and be prepared for before going on a date with a Hungarian woman.

Gentleman Manners

Probably every girl wants to meet a man with proper manners the same goes for Hungarian women. By visiting Hungary, you will see that girls walk at the right side of men for most of the time. In the past men used to wear swords on the left side of the belt. In case of danger, they could easily draw that sword and protect their ladies as true gentlemen. Moreover, proper behavior is an essential part of a successful date. These small signs of attention like holding doors, taking a coat and giving a hand when getting out of vehicles are very appreciated. In return, you will also receive proper respect from her side. In addition, do not forget the flowers. It does not mean that you should buy the most expensive bouquets every time. Even a single flower can be very romantic. By receiving flowers while dating you, help them to separate some boring days from wonderful moments with you.


Hungarian sincerity is different. It is not just being sincere and not to lie. It is in everything. You may not be understood if you smile without a reason. Do not try to approach girls while you are smiling, they can understand if it is not genuine, therefore it is better just to be positive. The same goes for compliments. If you want to say some nice words to people without a reason, they may consider that you are mocking them. Therefore, flirting is not the best decision to win Hungarian women. It is much simpler. Just be yourself and behave honestly. It is the most important factor in strong relationships.


Hungarians like to be honest and tell the whole truth. If there is some bad news, you will hear them as they are. That is why do not consider them as emotionless people. You can even hear that Hungary is a country of pessimists. It is not true. They are rather realistic about everything around them. That is why it is their great advantage. They will not lie to you. If a woman says that she likes you then be sure that you are on the right way in the relationships.

Many Hungarians Smoke

Almost 30% of them are smokers. It is not a problem for them to smoke while they are walking. If it does not worry or you also smoke then maybe this country is suitable for you. Asking a girl to light your cigarette can be a nice way to meet new people in Hungary.

Political Talks

You should know that Hungarians are very patriotic. Everyone knows well the history of the country and follows the latest political events. If you will start a political topic on a date be sure that it will not end soon. According to history, Hungary was a part of USSR for a small period of time, but even those events influenced them. They value their freedom, culture and language very much. Still, they do not trust their government.

Foreigners Are Welcomed

While visiting this wonderful country you can be sure to have a warm welcoming. Hungarian women are interested in foreigners and their cultures. In addition, they see this as a possibility to move out of the country. That is why most of them speak English fluently. This can be a great advantage if you want to win the heart of a Hungarian girl.

Family Values

Family bonds of these people are strong. They value their parents and always support them. Children that are brought up with love and respect to others can create only wonderful families. If you are looking for long relationships Hungarian women can be the best choice. You will not regret having such a wonderful wife.

Be Careful Of Giving Gifts

It is wonderful that you want to buy a gift for a nice girl, however, it should not be expensive. It may sound ridiculous but Hungarian women do not when someone spends too much money for a gift. They understand the value of money and they will feel uncomfortable by accepting them. That is why it is better to buy something cheaper but with deeper meaning. It will show that you understand the value of feelings that simple things can deliver.


By following Hungarian dating rules you will not get into trouble or misunderstanding. There are plenty of singles for dating. Just remember to be sincere in what you do. Honesty is the most important quality for Hungarian women. It allows to build strong relationships and to create a wonderful family.

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